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We go through so many changes in life.  Babies have baby teeth that fall out and are replaced with adult teeth. Children have many growth spurts. Teenagers go thorough puberty and adults are faced with several physical challenges in life from child birth  to aging.

These changes in our bodies are often triggered by life experiences, trauma, drama, and events. And sometimes changes happen due to heredity and genetics.

Hair thinning is a common issues among people of ages. Babies get it when they sleep on their backs and rub off the hair, leaving a “road” or part on their head. Children’s hair texture  may change as they grow and their hormones change.

There are many reasons why hair becomes thin. If it isn’t thin by nature or from birth, other contributing factors may include stress, lack of rest, changes in medication, pregnancy, menopause, auto-immune diseases, eating disorders or chemical over-processing.To determine what type of thinning you are experiencing, it may be best to enlist the professional analysis of a physician.

If you have found the thinning is permanent, you will want to develop a new hair care regimen that limits the stress put on your hair.

With permanent thinning, it becomes a great challenge, trying to style hair that is thin and sometimes, lifeless. And if you or someone you know is affected by thinning hair, it can be an experience that makes you feel ashamed and afraid to show your own hair in public.

Finding styles is something that is even more challenging with curly hair. While hair that is straight most often has the luxury of lying flat to cover thin areas, hair that is curly does not offer this option unless it is long.

Thin hair at different lengths.

If your hair is 1-3 niches long, and very soft, you may opt for a soft shape up. Many times, going to a barber to shape up your afro will help a great deal, he/she may also be able to mildly fade your edges so that is still looks feminine. For Women who are older, your hair may be even thinner and grey also. One thing to note about going grey is that he hair also, very often has looser curls. This may work to your advantage as you may be able to more easily smooth edges with a light pomade or gel, while leaving the length of your natural to be free.

For hair that is longer than 4 inches, you have more options such as roller setting the hair. If  you would like to stretch out curls a bit without applying too much heat or using texturizers, then the roller set may be fore you. What the roller set does, besides stretch out tighter curls, it makes the hair smooth and helps to place hair where thin areas may be.