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Dear Subscribers,

This year, we launched our new site, a natural hair book club, hosted giveaways, and have had a series of Natural Hair Workshops and Meetups so far. These efforts are being made in Toledo, Ohio and online, to join naturals together, to learn and socialize also. I  just want to thank you all for supporting The Kitchen Salon, the events, and activities as well. I also want to thank you for sharing the events with others as well.


This year, I also began doing personal consultations and I have had an overwhelming response! I want you all to know that I read each submission carefully, then create a plan to enhance your current hair care regimen, case by case. There is one person who submitted their inquiry whose email has bounced back to my email and I am unable to find any other information to get the consultations back to her. So if you are reading this post, and have not received your consultation, please email with an updated email address or Facebook link, and I can send it right away.


Also, there was a phone call received whose return phone number was invalid, and I have not been able to return a call. Please know, that all of your calls are appreciated and if a message is left, it is received and attempts to return calls have been made.


Thank you once again for reading the articles posted here, and stay tuned for greater things. There are a few more events left in our Spring series and Summer Events are being planned also. Your newsletters have now been set to once a month, on the first, plus emails only for special events/offers.


Should anyone have any questions, comments, ideas or want to participate in any upcoming event, feel free to email me at




Megan Yasu Davis, Founder, The Kitchen Salon