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The first few styles featured in the eBook are updos. How did you feel about wearing your hair up instead of hanging down or in a twist out?

Is this eBook inspiring you to try new styles? I have found that some of the styles, I have had to modify because of how thick my hair is and also the fact that I have locs. The author gives some pretty simple descriptions of how to recreate the styles on your own hair, but what if it isn’t as long as hers?

While some naturals may have past-the-ear lengths, there are still a great many with shorter hair so wearing a lot of updos may not work out as well. But you can modify the looks by just pinning up only the back or only the front, creating an illusion of having more hair.

If you have shorter sides, you can also opt to roll and pin the sides up, creating more classic looks resembling those in the 50’s and 60’s.

Finally, you can always accessorize it! Bows, clips, head bands,  and scarves are great ways to dress up your style, even if it isn’t perfect.

What styles did you try over the weekend from the eBook? Share your comments and pictures with us! I’m sharing what I tried this weekend.