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I am enjoying reading this book! The author was really onto something when she created it! There are so many opportunities to be creative and to share the styles with others.

The second look in our Book Club Feature is called The Stuffed Puff. It also may be known as a donut. Many have worn this style with relaxed hair. It is a great style for those who are transitioning as well.

I recreated the stuffed puff on my locs, and I had to vary it a bit when it came to the step when adding the fabric. While it made my pony tail tall, I still had a bit of hair to tuck under, so it worked better by twisting the hair around the fabric and securing it.

I am posting a few photos of my version of the style. To learn how to recreate it, you can still download the eBook on Amazon for $5.

Did you try this style? What did you do to personalize it?

Share your comments and photos with us!