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It was once thought that going natural was going to be a FREE-ing experience. Being liberated spiritually and the thoughts of low to no maintenance hair care was motivation enough to go natural.

Today, with so many products, tools, promises and trends, it has complicated the going natural process. The days of “water and grease” have been replaced with “curl defining, stretching, and maximizing” natural hair.

So we try the special products that are said to be tried and true for natural hair, and find that it was not true for us after all. Depending on the ingredients, a product may cause any number of side effects from nausea to dry hair to allergic reactions.

So for about half  the price of one fancy product line, I wanted to offer a short  list of essentials  that do work (for many people) and are still affordable. Please keep in mind that this is just one list, and  you should customize your product inventory by what works best for you.

Just a note:

If you want to try a new product, see if you can get a sample from the company or purchase the smallest size available. The prices for these products are approximate from online, but I have found some less expensive at local stores and likewise, some more expensive locally. It is ok to call around to stores and find out their prices before leaving home.

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