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The Burger Biggie Question of the Week” To trim or not to trim? Naturals everywhere go around the Mulberry Bush, debating the importance or need for trimming their hair. While some swear by regular trimming, there are many who do not and several who are perched on the fence of indecisiveness.

After reading this Chapter of The Knotty Truth, where do you stand on trimming? How important is it to you to keep your hair trimmed?

For those who choose not to trim, why don’t you think it is necessary?

And if you are on the fence about trimming, what are the pros and cons that weigh on your decision?

Chapter 6 talks about DIY Trimming. How many have gone to a salon for a trim and came back with a whole new style?

Which Trim have you tried or would you try in the future?
The Part-It Trim
The Two Strand Twist Trim
The Blow Out Trim
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