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As we continue the discussion about transitioning, learning to understand your changing hair and how to style it is important.

In Chapter 4, Your Transition, hairstyles that get you to the other side, the author jumps right in on a very important change, the line of demarcation. Once you understand the frailty of the hair below it and the resilience of the hair above it, you will better be able to care for and style your transitioning hair.

Of the transitioning styles listed in the book, which styles have you chosen to wear? free polls 

This chapter lists several tools that you can use during your transition. What tools did you start off with and what tools do you use currently?

On the JUST SAY NO LIST on pages 44-46, which ingredients are found in products you currently use? Prior to knowing these ingredients were on the list, how has it worked on your hair up to this point? Would you eliminate those products now?

If you haven’t had a chance to catch up on reading, we will recap the first 4 chapters this weekend! Continue to add your comments here or on our Facebook Page!