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Heat damage is a serious offense to a natural head of hair, but it does happen. It can happen after one heat styling session or repeated heat styling sessions. If after heat styling you have noticed:
• Dry looking hair
• Straggly ends
• Thinning
• Breaking
• Shedding
• Straight ends that will not revert
• (Hair that looks like : @@@@______@@@___@_____)
Your hair may be damaged by heat.

Can you reverse it or do something to make it revert back? Will a deep conditioning and hot oil treatment help? If I use a bar soap to roughen it up, will the natural curls come back? What about the products that promise to help reverse heat damage?

While you may be able to disguise some of the damage by doing deep conditioning treatments and hot oil treatments, there really is one cure for heat damage, a trim or a Big Chop! Depending on the extent of the damage, you can opt to cut all the hair off even, or if it would be too much of an ordeal, you can transition sections of damaged hair much like you may have done during your natural hair transition. Other things to consider when your hair is damaged by excessive heat are to:

  • Avoid coloring your hair until your hair has been repaired
  • Don’t over wash your hair, it will make it dry and even brittle or cowash
  • Avoid heat styling your hair, including blow dry, press n curl, and flat ironing
  • Use a leave in conditioner at least every other day, depending on your style for the week
  • Wear a protective style while your damaged hair grows out like braids, twists or roller sets or various kinds (rods, flexi rods, pipe cleaners, loc loops, magnetic rollers, curlformers)

The main thing to realize is that heat damaged hair really cannot be reversed. At some point, the damaged, straight ends would need to be trimmed away so your hair won’t continue to break, look dry, dull and gray and thin out. The same goes for split ends. Split ends are a problem that is common, but there are no products that truly remedy split ends, besides the hair cutting shears.