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In Chapter 1 of The Knotty Truth, the author explores the act of cultural brainwashing. While Black Women today are embracing their natural tresses by leaps and bounds, the book details how little girls are still embattled by the difference between themselves and their classmates and peers. An ongoing battle is how little Black Girls see beauty and what beauty they prefer in doll choices.


  • How can Mothers and Peers of young Black Girls encourage a healthier image of Black Women and explain the cultural differences without one sounding inferior to the other?


  • How can product manufacturers target children in current advertising? What can or has the media done to include Black female children in ads and television roles to encourage cultural uniqueness and portray beauty at the same time?


  • How can the African American Community take back the control of portraying the ¬†positive images young children are supposed to have of themselves?


In Chapter 2, Chemical Straightening, the author discusses her decision to go natural in 2005. How has defining the science of hair helped or harmed your decision to go natural?


  • While this chapter covers the key ingredients in chemical straighteners, have you previously been a label reader when receiving relaxers? Do you currently read labels and reference ingredients to be sure they are safe for use on your natural hair?


  • In regard to hair coloring, do you DIY or go to a professional? Why or why not?
  • After reading about coloring, do you feel comfortable with performing any color services on your own hair?


In the final segment of Chapter 2, it was recommended to contact the FDA should you face any issues with hair coloring or chemical services. Have you ever considered contacting the FDA website PRIOR to having a service performed on your relaxed or natural hair?


Thank you for sharing in this discussion! We will continue reading this weekend. Feel free to continue discussing the book and these topics with friends and family throughout the week!