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What are the best products to buy for natural hair?

This is a Million Dollar question that has grown into a Billion Dollar industry. Black Hair care has long been an industry that capitalizes on trends in Black Hair from styles to products to Salon services vs the Do it yourself (er). Although all consumers aren’t concerned with the rising costs of hair care, many are becoming more frugal with their choices in hair styles, maintenance and products. While changes in the economy have significantly affected options for Black Hair Care, health related choices and personal, spiritual effects have also been factors in decision making for Black hair Care.

Today, people want to live healthier and simplistically as well as trying to be better stewards of their finances and other resources. With some research, many have decided to go natural, and with that, there are many uncharted territories like how to care for natural hair and what products to use on it. This has reversed the frugal ideal and placed it on an uphill track to skyrocketing costs. It has been said now that natural hair is more costly than relaxing the hair.

What is found now is that many are jumping ship on the chemical treatments but lack professional resources to have their natural tresses serviced so the weave and extensions option is still the most expensive cost in Black Hair Care next to color and straightening  services.

More salon professionals are losing money trying to keep their clientele since some lack knowledge and many are unwilling to learn about the care, styling and maintenance of natural hair. This causes the consumers to become DIYers more and more and this point in Black Hair Care both the professional and the DIYer can do a great disservice to a head of hair.

So to the question as to ‘what products are best for natural hair’ there is a shorter answer than what it is thought to be. There is no one brand that could be considered the BEST choice for natural hair. The best choice doesn’t lie in the product line. Here are several factors that make a product work or not work for your hair:

  • Your hair type/texture
  • Your overall health
  • Your current health condition
  • Your DNA
  • Heredity
  • Your hair care regimen
  • Weather/climate
  • The ingredients