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In the beginning of the book, Author Michele George is reflective of African American history during slavery and shares her interpretation of not only history then, but also how her upbringing has shaped the way she viewed her hair.

In a Knotty Note, she writes: First, they stripped me of my name. Then, they stripped away my history. They took my God and replaced Him with Them. Now, all I want to know is who I am. Who am I without a name? Who am I without a history? Who am I outside of them? Who am I without them? I don’t know. So, I begin with my hair. My hair whispers ancient secrets that empower me. My hair is the only thing that I have that they do not control-all of the spirals, kinks, and curls. It is all I have tells me who I am IN HIM.


What has this reflection of our ancestors’ struggle and how it trickled down through generations effected your overall perception of yourself? What resonates most about this passage?

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