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The Wash n Go. There is nothing wrong with a wash n go unless you wash n go, go, go, go. In other words, when you do a wash n go, often the hair is simply shaken out after it has been washed. If you clean the hair, it should still be detangled to release the shedding hair, stimulate the blood vessels, promote growth and prevent other damage. You can also over shampoo the hair. This can lead to dull, dry, lifeless hair. Substitute one shampooing a month with a cowash, only using a conditioner.

Conditioners. It is important to keep the hair conditioned but over conditioning can occur. Too much conditioner can build up too much protein in the hair and cause the hair to harden and break off. Be wise with conditioners, try using a 2 in 1 or substituting with a leave in conditioner that can be used more frequently and encourages you to moisten the hair regularly.

No Manipulation. There is such a thing as over manipulating the hair, but no manipulation is a recipe for disaster. If you don’t comb, brush or detangle your hair at all, it may become matted and locked in a “dreadful” way. If your hair locks and you don’t have the patience or someone who knows how, to take the locks apart, you may be forced to cut your hair off quite a bit, possibly leaving your hair uneven which is a precursor to developing split ends.

Overly Protective. Wearing protective styles is meant to give the hair a break from a lot of pulling, stretching, heat and styling, but you can be over protective. If you choose to wear a weave or extensions, it is possible to have them in too long. If you wear them for a prolonged amount of time, you are apt to thinning, breakage, matting and hair loss. Extensions should be left in no longer than 3 months depending on the type of weave or extensions you are wearing. Also in conjunction with your own hair type/texture, you should be mindful of the potential to matte and/or lock up. You can get a perimeter touch up, to avoid stressing the hair line (with braids/kinky twists), but the extensions should be removed altogether before any locking would take place or if you are experiencing a sudden episode of hair loss. You could be allergic to the hair, the hair could be braided too tight or you could be experiencing an illness.

Neglect. It is easy to neglect our hair. When the hair is relaxed and you go days without combing or brushing it, it is less likely to tangle up or matte because of the texture that will not intertwine with others straight strands. Having no elasticity makes straight hair fragile but curl hair can become more fragile if it’s not being cared for. Hair must be cleaned and conditioned at the least, but finding motivation to create styles keeps your natural journey from being uneventful and causing you to second guess your decision. Maintaining a good hair care regimen both day and night, will promote healthy hair growth.

Natural hair isn’t more complicated, but it requires a plan of care and a routine to encourage an overall healthy head of hair.