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Happy New Year and Welcome to the NEW Kitchen Salon! We have been working to rebuild the site, streamlining articles, information and events. You will still be able to read some of our older content as well as new and improved articles. We are focusing more on the events (workshops, meetups, etc ) as the local community continues to grow and expand, seeking more ways to learn and grow in their experiences.

As we have celebrated 4 years online, we have been moving forward to being a land based Natural Hair Care Resource in Northwest Ohio. With the positive response to The Northwest Ohio Natural Hair & Beauty Expo, we have been working with participants on new ideas, one of them being a Book Club!

The Kitchen Salon will also be partnering this year with the Lucas County Public Library to bring more workshops with new features, resources and materials.

We thank all of our subscribers for your continued support of The Kitchen Salon both online and locally. It is your support that keeps us motivated and encouraged to continue the work that was started many years ago.

If you are a bit frazzled about your New Year’s Resolutions, just remember that a New Year begins EACH and EVERY day!

Peace and Sound,