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In this life, we go through many changes. Sometimes we want to change our hair, its color, lose weight, gain weight, grow longer hair, cut it off, or try a new hobby. While some will take the plunge and just do whatever comes naturally to them, there are those who refuse to take risks for the fear of the unknown.

Going natural is an event in life, that is a game changer for many people and it can be a celebratory moment or a very scary moment in time. One thing everyone wants to avoid is having a Hair Mare!

Hair Mares can occur for many reasons and at any given time. It could be that you had a great hair day ruined by rain or snow. You could go to the gym and sweat out all the texture and curls. You could wash you hair and tie it up at night only to reveal a lopsided spongy mass atop your head. You could be sick, or you may have had a bad hair service. No matter what, these things can be frightening!

The truth is that it is hard to avoid a hair mare altogether. If you’re not one who has the time or even thinks about watching the news and weather reports, while planning your days and driving routes to the second, there is room for a little hair scare here and there.

Losing Curls.

You go to work, it is dry and sunny. You go to lunch, it is grey and soggy. If you spent a long time defining your curls and primping for work, you want to preserve the style if you can. So always keep an umbrella and/or a rain bonnet or scarf to protect your hair. If your hair gets wet and it starts to frizz, Use a brush and gel and fashion your hair into a quick bun or French roll.. If you are bold enough, rock an afro puff and be proud!

Matted Mess.

You washed your hair but was too tired to detangle and section the hair at night. The result in the morning is a pack of wool AND time is short! Just take a spray bottle with a mix of water and leave in conditioner. Refresh the hair with mists and use a pick to start lifting and volumizing your afro. If you don’t have time to do a complete style, you can take a small section in front and simply flat twist it from one temple to the other, creating a natural headband. Accent that with a clip or or use fabric to tie around it, and you have a chic style in less than 5 minutes. If your hair is tight and curly and you can’t easily put your hair into a puff or bun (like my hair used to be) you can also two strand twist yourself some bangs, and shape your fro with your hands.

Twisted Sister.

If you started the day with twists and went to the gym and you now have a fuzz ball, don’t worry, you can refresh your twists with a mist of water, a pat of oil and a brush to slick down sides. If you can’t let the twists hang, you can pin them up, creating a bump in front and a bun in back or swooping some twists to the side in front and fashioning the hair in back into a side ponytail.

A missing kink.

Sudden hair loss is a hair mare that many encounter at some point in life. Whether it’s due to illness or child birth or noticing some hair is missing after removing braids or weaves…it happens. If it is right in front, but you have fairly long hair, you can fashion bangs that swoop to the side or cover the balding area. If the spot is toward the middle or back of the hair, you can create an illusion by wearing twist outs or braid outs. If you wear a texture that is full, or if you braid or twist the hair in smaller sections, it is easier to cover up bald spots. Curls or a twist out can be fluffed and fashioned to cover the spots,giving you time to massage that area and get the hair growing again. Regrowth can begin within days of starting scalp massages.

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Color Blindsided.

What if you colored your hair and it turned orange and you now look like Fozzy the Bear? You can minimalize the blunder by twisting or braiding the hair and rolling them up. You won’t be able to see frizz as much, since coloring the hair lighter can make the hair look very dry and fuzzy. Then as soon as you can, visit a licensed colorist who may be able to correct the color for you.


Do you have a weave that is in need of retouching and you don’t have time or money to get to the salon? You can disguise some of the flaws with accessories. For instance, if one side has started to come loose, and you don’t have time to take all of the weave out, you can pull the hair back and cover the spot with a large flower or a headband with a large feather on the side. The as soon as you can, remove the weave or have it retightened.

Can’t retouch this.

What about braids that are overdue for a retouch? You can spray the edges of hair with a little water, then apply gel to lay the hair down. Next tie it down with a scarf to tame the frizz and remove when it is time for work. This helps disguise the afro that is growing from your roots with extensions dangling at the ends.

Locked out.

Are your locks thinning and falling out? Until you can see a loctician who may be able to repair the damage, you can wear roller sets and braid outs to disguise the thinness and balding areas. Locs need to be kept clean and moisturized. Neglecting your locs can cause this to happen.

Knot today.

You twisted your hair and want to take the twists out, but your hair is in KNOTS. Before you grab the scissors, you can try to remove the knots using a knitting loom hook. They most often are curved with a nice handle that is comfortable to use.

Shrink Wrapped.

Trying to maximize the length of your hair on whim is a daunting task, but if you have one hour, you can change that. You wake up early, but your freshly washed fro has shrunk. You can quickly mist the hair with water, and create large plaits all over while you eat and get ready for the day. After an hour, the hair will be a bit dryer, and you can unfurl the plaits to reveal a stretched out fro. Then you can style your hair or wear it loose a little easier!

Finally, be at peace with your hair. Natural hair takes on a new life practically every time the weather changes! Knowing this will help you create a game plan with alternate plays for a successful journey!

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Do you have a Hair Mare you’d like to share or get tips on? Email us and we will post your question and answer!