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The weather outside is frightful and baby it’s cold outside. Not many desire to frolic around in the crispy, breathtaking winds but we know we must brave the Arctic air to get to work, school and grocery shopping. For the socialite, the fun may not stop in the winter time, but it may slow down a bit.

Here are 10 tips that will help you combat the cold and protect your hair:

1. Keep your hair clean. Some people prefer not to wash their hair often or believe that washing the hair in the winter time isn’t needed, but the hair should still be washed at least twice a month. Often, the hair isn’t as dirty because less products are being used for styling and perspiration isn’t much of an issue. Try washing the hair with shampoo the first week of the month, then cowashing the third week of the month.
2. Allow the hair to dry completely. There isn’t much sunshine to help dry your hair once you leave home in the morning. Try washing your hair on your day off where you have time to dedicate to sitting under a dryer. If you are apprehensive about heat, you can still dry your hair using the medium setting on the dryer. Drying the hair before you leave out will seal in moisture that may other wise escape the hair when met with freezing temperatures.
3. Use a Leave In Conditioner. Leave in conditioners are a great way to refresh the hair. Just a little more substantial than plain water, leave ins misted on the hair a few times a week help to liven up curls and keep the hair soft and manageable. Leave ins often contain oils and vitamins the hair needs to stay pliable and for the scalp to remain healthy.
4. Tweak your nighttime regimen. If you’re not used to tying or wrapping your hair at night and don’t use a satin pillow case, it’s a good thing to start doing so. A cotton pillow case can snag your hair and leave lint in it. Also cotton, like a cotton ball, absorbs moisture. So even if you take good care of your hair before bed, and lie down on a cotton pillow case, you are defeating all the hard work you put into caring for your hair.
5. Moisturize. Your hair produces natural oils, but they can be depleted for many reasons. In the winter months, it especially important to keep your hair moist. The leave ins are excellent in refreshing your hair, then you can seal that with essential oils. Olive oil is heavier and also inexpensive, and is a great sealant of moisture. The vitamins in it and the richness makes the hair rich and soft. If you have fine hair and wish not to use olive oil, coconut oil is light but still fatty enough to nourish your hair.