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It’s getting cold outdoors and meetups are winding down, but we want to keep you informed about Natural Hair Care! So what better way is there to connect one with another when the sky is grey, the wind is whipping and night fall takes place almost before the end of a 9-5 shift than by joining together to read?

The Kitchen Salon Book Club will launch on New Year’s Day 2012! We are excited and  wanted to get a head start on our first book, by offering an exclusive discount to The Kitchen Salon subscribers, throughout Christmas!

There is plenty of time to pick up your copy of the introductory book, The Knotty Truth: Managing Tightly Coiled Hair at Home:  DIY Survival Guide by Michele George

M Michele George is a Biomedical Research Coordinator with advanced degrees in the biological sciences that have laid a solid scientific foundation which allows her to look at the science of hair from a unique physiological and developmental vantage point.

The second book in her series, 2011 The Knotty Truth Creating Beautiful Locks on a Dime: A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Locks is also available for the special offer of 60% off, including FREE shipping and handling! This book is the OFFICIAL textbook being used at Everette’s Natural Beauty Salon/School in Detroit, Michigan! New Classes begin January 2, 2012!

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The Knotty Truth is hosting a contest from December 1, 2011-December 31, 2011! YOU could be the winner! We are looking for three committed loose natural head that want to take the journey to lockdom in 2012. The winner will get a free copy of The Knotty Truth Lock Manual. Submissions will be accepted online from December 1, 2011- December 31st 2011. Submit an expression of what motivates you to lock. It can be a drawing, poem, song(mp3 file), composition. Please submit to Winners will be announced on January 15, 2012 in honor of MLK Celebration Day.