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In this life, we go through many changes. Sometimes we want to change our hair, its color, lose weight, gain weight, grow longer hair, cut it off, or try a new hobby. While some will take the plunge and just do whatever comes naturally to them, there are those who refuse to take risks for the fear of the unknown.

Going natural is an event in life, that is a game changer for many people and it can be a celebratory moment or a very scary moment in time. One thing everyone wants to avoid is having a Hair Mare!

Hair Mares can occur for many reasons and at any given time. It could be that you had a great hair day ruined by rain or snow. You could go to the gym and sweat out all the texture and curls. You could wash you hair and tie it up at night only to reveal a lopsided spongy mass atop your head. You could be sick, or you may have had a bad hair service.  No matter what, these things can be frightening!

The truth is that it is hard to avoid a hair mare altogether. If you’re not one who has the time or even thinks about watching the news and weather reports, while planning your days and driving routes to the second, there is room for a little hair scare here and there.