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Many may say at this point in their natural journey, I am so tired of two strand twists! While it may be a common sentiment, the two strand twists are yet a very versatile and a highly protective style.

Here are some frequent questions about two strand twists:

How long can I keep them in? Depending on your hair texture, you can wear two strand twists for one month without the hair locking.

 How can you wear two strand twists for a month without getting bored? Like braids or locs, two strand twists offer you an opportunity to fashion the length of your hair into various styles from French rolls to faux hawks.

A few examples:

  • ·        A chignon bum at the nape of the neck
  • ·        A faux hawk, gathering twists toward the middle of the head
  • ·        A French Roll
  • ·        Bantu Knots
  • ·        A Janelle Monae Pompadour inspired look
  • ·        A bun at the nape with a swoop bang
  • ·        Basket weaved twists into a bun