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Meet our Northern neighbor, Robbin aka Napfrocurlzgirl! A veteran natural, she has rocked everything from the TWA to Locs!

She is a blogger, sharing musings about natural hair, jewelry making, art and natural hair and skin products. A maven of many talents, she is preparing to re-launch her jewelry business in 2012!

A beautiful example of organic beauty, Robbin, shares beautiful photos of her  thick and healthy tresses and divine curls. Check out her interview below!

Your Name napfrocurlzgirl
How Long have you been Natural? I’ve been natural my whole life, except for about three months, for 41 years.
What steps and research was done before going natural or locking ? Since I’ve always been natural, I didn’t do any research. About 10 years ago, I also accidentally grew locs and kept them for about a year until I got bored with them and let my daughter cut them off. But, again, I never did any research.
What is your hair care regimen and which products do you use? My regimen’s really simple. I keep my hair in twists from fall through spring, a wear twist- or bantu knot-outs in summer. I detangle, deep condition, wash condition and oil my scalp once a week. I don’t do anything to my hair on the days between wash day. I just let it be! I believe in low manipulation and I can tell it’s working. My pix are examples of my growth in one year’s time.
How has being Natural or Locked empowered you? I have not felt empowered by my hair since it’s just hair to me.
Since going natural, how has it inspired your creative being? Being natural hasn’t inspired my creative being because my hair is just my hair. But, I’ve always been creative. Endeavors have been varied, ranging from playing the pipe organ for church services to creating/selling jewelry to engaging in any type of needle arts.
Do you have a business or hobby that you’d like to share? (i.e. singer, writer,stylist,model, painter) I’m currently in the process of reviving my jewelry business, Bibelots and am launching my own natural hair care line, Wash Day. I also write freelance articles for trade publications, blog, sew, crochet, read Tudor history…I could go on and on and on!
What advice and tips do you have for someone who is going natural/ locking? If you’re interested in locs, don’t have them “installed.” Locs form on their own naturally. Just keep your hair clean, throw away your comb and brush, and locs will be yours in a few weeks’ time. If you’re going the natural route, learn to listen to your own hair. No two heads are alike, so what works for one might now work for another.
What is your staple style and how can it be acihieved? During hot seasons, my go-to style is the twist- or bantu knot-out. When it’s cold, I keep it in twists. Fora twist out, just twist your damp hair and undo them when they’re dry. A bantu knot-out is similar, you just wind each twist around itself to form a knot. When dry, undo!


To learn more about Naprfocurlzgirl, you can follow her blog and stay up to date with Bibelots, her signature line of hand crafted, one-of-a-kind jewelry.

The Kitchen Salon thanks Robbin for sharing her natural journey with us! #naturalgirlsrock