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Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year. Everyone has a warm,cozy feeling about the breeze and the changing colors of the leaves. The landscape changes from yellow, blue and green to orange, purple, brown and gold. As much as people love the colors and the temperature, they love the creativity the season brings. Sweet Potato Pie, Roasts, Home made cakes and pastries, craft fairs and the Holidays-all signs of the season. But there is one thing that becomes a challenge-HAIR! One swipe of the wind is enough to send women back indoors in a frenzy!

“I can’t wash and go”!

“I can’t wear my fro out because the wind will blow it”!

“It’s too cold to have no hair on my neck”!

Around the 6 month mark is when the honeymoon phase often ends. If it is cooler out, it may be even sooner than 6 months. It is a normal part of the journey to hit a plateau, feeling as though you have tried everything and there is nothing left to try except to straighten the hair. It’s easy to get frustrated and feel “unpretty”, and it’s also easy to become discouraged when a style doesn’t come out the way you want it. This will whip you down the spiral stair case of doom if you don’t know what other options are available.

The cooler temperatures bring about a change in perception one may have about natural hair. Before, the excitement was about versatility, getting the hair wet – freely walking in the rain, and chopping off hair because it is hot. Now it is the fear of the wind, snow, and cold temperatures, coupled with the idea of covering everything up and staying warm.

 Whatever the plight, the change of seasons doesn’t always give a warm fuzzy feeling. So what can we do about our beautiful natural hair, without reverting back to relaxers?

Instead of a wash and go, try shingling. Take a look at how shingling can be achieved on mahoganyknots youtube channel.

Instead of wearing extensions, try two strand twists as a protective style. Here is a great read, One Hairstyle, thirty-one ways. This book will show 31 variations of wearing traditional two strand twists. Purchase it on Amazon.


Instead of donning hats, why not try a creative head wrap? Want to learn how to head wrap,check out this video on Blackonyx77’s youtube channel.

Instead of wearing a wig, try a pin up style, like the Classic Pompadour made popular by natural hair celebs, Ledisi and Janelle Monae.

Janelle Monae

Instead of going back to relaxers, try a roller set blow out, like the traditional Doobie Set on magnetic rollers. This stretches the curls, then after removing the rollers, going over the sections with a blow dryer will straighten the hair without the need for a flat iron or chemicals used in Keratin, Brazillian and Dominican blowout salon treatments.

This classic doobie set is a salon staple base for most hair styles, no matter the texture of hair.If you’d like to learn how to create a basic roller set also known as the doobie, check out this video.

Most natural hair styles are time consuming but have lasting results. All the styles mentioned above are also DIY styles. These are just a few options for Autumn Natural Tresses.


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