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After making the decision to go natural, there are many questions that linger…

Am I still natural if I wear weave?

Am I natural if  dye my hair?

For those 2 questions alone, there are endless debates over the web, Facebook, and Twitter. Let’s break down the different types of hair dyes:

Traditional Dye.

Organic Dye.


Natural Methods.

From what I understand, Henna alone cannot dye hair, but Body Art Henna can. Also if a dye says henna, but says it can dye your hair blonde or red, it has harmful chemicals mixed in it and can be more harsh than a traditional dye. There is an all natural dye called Naturtint that works well and has no odor and will not stain the skin. Otherwise, there are also organic ways to lighten such as sun dying, by using a lemon juice blend and sitting in the sun for a period of time. The color will fade faster but it is a chemical fee option. Hope this helps