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“Gills and Tails” is my favorite song of hers, from her album “Morning”.

What a breath of fresh air to hear her sing. Amel Larrieux’s  heavenly melodies and sweet nuances causes your heart to just stop. She is amazing and under recognized. Her raw talent is like liquid gold, precious and rich.

We first heard her in the Hip Hop/R n B  Duo Groove Theory with the hit song “Tell Me”. And now she is a successful solo artist, making beautiful music all around the world. She is in a category all her own and her musical influences are reflected in her recordings.

Her hair is amazing! Curly, Thick and Long! Many women idolize her luscious locks from afar. How can you get hair like this? Author Terri LaFlesh knows how. Check out her website and book which takes her through a tumultuous journey to finding her place on the “Good Hair” list. And before anyone says it, to me, Good Hair is healthy hair NOT a certain texture or hair type.

Appreciate your hair the way it is and you will be satisfied 🙂