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Natural Beauty wasn’t always NATURAL. Natural beauty used to be displayed as stick thin women with pale skin and straight hair. Models. Trend setters and the fashion forward, women who were non American examples of what true beauty was. Over the years,Black Women have imposed upon themselves the daunting task of trying to fit the mold they were never designed to fill. Skin bleaching, crash dieting and chemically straightening their hair were only the outward manifestations of what was going on within them.

Today women are less vexed with trying to conform to what appears to be beautiful to the main stream and more focused on perfecting what is naturally theirs. Accepting that women of color are more often curvy, brown and curly headed, this natural hair thing has really become an empowering move to encourage women of color to be who they are, unapologetically.

Embracing the natural texture of Black hair is a journey that starts within for many women who, for so long, had been on the long train ride of trying to keep up with the old standards of natural beauty. So now to reverse the trauma social preferences have inflicted, a great wave of men and women have made it their mission to provide information and inspiration for those who want to forgo chemical straighteners and hair weaves to go natural.

To debunk the negative responses many get and likewise give themselves, the push to come up with innovative ways to display women with natural hair have surpassed imagination! From blogs, to youtube challenges, giveaways and online shows, The Natural Hair Community is Bold and Strong and it’s growing day by day.

Which brings me to this wonderful video shared by “Miss C” in a Facebook Natural Hair Group (there are a bunch)! Hip Hop Recording artist Dead Prez wrote a song that I had to buy today, called “The Beauty Within”. The song itself speaks volumes, but the video will leave you speechless! Kudos to those who worked together to create such breathtaking film in honor of The Natural Woman.

This video can be seen on the Youtube channel arijfilms.

Video Credits: Director Shannon McCollum

Director of Photography and editor, Ari J Johnson,

Artistic Director Jamila Crawford.

Cameras: Shannon McCollum, Ari J Johnson, Will Jones.