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After you have transitioned from relaxed hair to natural hair, you are most often left with an inch or more of new, soft, thick hair. After you have spent a few days playing in it, caressing it, and admiring it, the shock value really sets in.

What have I done? What are people going to say? What can I DO with this now? Questions roll in and doubt arises. It is all a normal part of going natural and growing natural hair. There are some who decide they will just go natural and rock a Teenie Weenie Afro AKA the TWA and there are those who say they want “Rudy Huxtable” hair down the road.

No matter the decision, whether it be to appreciate the TWA or endeavor to have long tresses, you have to start somewhere and that common starting point is that TWA.

The most popular style worn by naturals is the Two Strand Twists, however, when you have very shirt hair, the 2 strand twists can feel like the only thing to do and it may become boring, redundant or frustrating after while.

Single strand twists, AKA comb coils, finger twists, finger coils, silky twists, baby locs, baby dreads-are a great alternative to the 2 strand twists. Single twists are underrated and possibly under appreciated because they don’t hold up as long as 3 strand twists do, and many naturals associate them with hair locking and may not try them for that reason. The single twists have a distinct look. They are shiny and cylindrical.

Here, there are 2 videos that show simple ways to achieve comb coils and also a curl defining or textured look for the TWA. One method uses a hair gel to hold the pattern and the other uses a moisturizing cream to hold the pattern.

The choice is yours as far as your preferences. Some prefer gels and some may not. Either way, natural hair has a unique way of holding patterns because of its very curly characteristics. It is designed to “stay”. The tighter the curl or coil, the simpler this is.

Take a look at each video and see which style you’d like to try. Send in your pictures of what worked for you to

How to create comb/finger coils Youtuber Rimblu4

How to create a texture or simulate finger coils in your TWA Youtuber Toliahli