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We all want it, we all need it, we all can achieve it! #naturallyhealthyhair

Here are ten tips to encourage you:

1. Moisturize. Keep the hair moisturized. Apply moisturizer to clean hair then place hair in large twists or plaits to retain the moisture. Daily, you can spritz the hair with a leave in conditioner diluted with water to refresh the curls and invigorate your scalp.

2. Trim the Ends. This prevents split ends from occurring and also is the only way to rid hair of split ends. If your hair is normally dry or is prone to damage due to prolonged use of certain types of medication, trimming the ends will combat the problem.

3. Protective Care & Styles. Try to avoid over exposure to sunlight and chlorine. Use leave in conditioners to combat dry hair issues and apply a cream conditioner before swimming to protect the hair from being over chlorinated. Wear two strand twists, cornrows and buns to protect the ends of the hair.

4. Minimize Heat. Try air drying your hair or using less heat styling tools like flat ironing. If you want to flat iron your hair, eliminate blow drying it first, but setting hair or largeĀ  rollers and letting your hair air dry. Once the hair is dry, the rollers will have straightened the hair out a bit, then proceed with flat ironing.

5. Low Manipulation. Avoid combing the hair too much or pulling the hair very tight. Try wearing one style several ways each week such as two strand twists fashioned in various ways. Pulling the hair too tight can cause temporary baldness and other scalp issues over time.

6. Give it a Break. Give your hair a break and let it flow. If you have an afro, try a dry twist out and letting it be-change it up with accessories. You can also do a roller set that can last up to one week depending on your activities.

7. Avoid harsh ingredients. Products containing alcohol, sulfate, parfums and dyes can all take a toll on the hair. Natural products are most often home made and have a short shelf life. Using organic oils like coconut, almond or tea tree oil have certain purposes from adding vitamins to healing scalp conditions.

8. Eat Well & Rest. A well balanced diet, exercise and getting enough sleep will encourage an all around healthy body, skin and hair.

9. Water It. Not only does the hair itself love water, but drinking plenty of water is constantly refreshing and rejuvenating the hair, skin and body. Water is nourishing, cool and energizing. It is the least expensive type of moisture-no buying necessary.

10. Use the right tools. Using the right tools like wide toothed combs, natural bristle brushes and clips to separate the hair for styling is important. Using nylon or wire brushes, rat tail combs and rubber bands all aid in the snagging and tearing of hair strands, creating split ends and undue hair loss.