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Locs are beautiful velvet ropes of hair in all sizes and lengths. They are strong, yet fragile, and need TLC in spite of their low maintenance needs.

It is hard to get off the product train when locking the hair because we grow accustomed to buying products for curl definition, temporary straightening, shine enhancers, and detanglers.

Even though locs are fairly simple to maintain, once they reach a mature level (2 years and beyond), it is important to know that a little product goes a long way. If locs are to the shoulders and beyond, use 100% more product.

Avoid using heavy creams and pomades as these products embed within locs and create product buildup that, if not properly cleansed and stripped, would break down the loc from the inside out, causing them to become brittle and frail.

If you do use a cream conditioner or pomade, diluting those items with water and placing them in a spray bottle, will evenly distribute the product without the heaviness and risk of over loading the locs.

Keeping locs free from lint and too many products will promote strength,  health and shine.