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TKS Little known fact:

The Jehri Curl process is one of the most damaging to the hair, but it was often an alternative to relaxing. The pro was that, you only had to get a “curl” a couple times a year whereas relaxers are usually done once a month to 2 months for the average person.

People would notice a lot of hair growth while wearing the curl because they did not manipulate their hair often. The Con is that the chemical used first straightens the hair completely, then the hair is rolled and drenched in a caustic solution (the fumes can be damaging much like these new keratin treatments) and then permanent curls are created. You are almost cooking the hair to create the curls.

Plus the odour is horrid and the products needed to maintain the curl are a requirement or else the treatment will puff up and dry out…let’s not forget about the plastic cap that is essential to retaining the curls and the moisture.