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Deborah Orr

Austin may be the Capital of the Grand State of Texas, but Deborah Orr and Women like her are an essential part of its existence. Bridging the gap between culture, generations, and education, Deborah Orr, Founder of Outreach Librarians, is making an impact on the underserved younger generations.

Her book The Little Cornbread Girl, was written to introduce little ones to literature in a positive and effective way. Having been a Librarian for some years, Ms. Orr has recognized a key element in literacy among the youth of today.
Writing books that capture a child’s attention and sparks their interest in a creative way, has been a goal for Deborah’s organization since its establishment.

Funmi Ogunro

Teaming up with Funmi Orgunru, Creator of Funmi & Friends, a theatrical production that introduces children to healthy eating habits-Both Ms. Orr and Ms. Orgunru will be presenting during Austin’s Juneteenth Celebration on Satruday, June 18, 2011.

These 2 ladies have joined forces and have embarked upon a summer tour throughout Texas this year! Check out each of their sites to learn more about them and their companies.

What’s even more lovely about these Women is the fact that they are both Locked Divas!!!

To view more details about the Juneteenth event, click here.

To purchase The Little Cornbread Girl, click here.


Check out the Q & A with Deborah Below!

How Long have you been Natural? I have had locked hair for about eight years. 



What steps and research was done before going natural or locking ? I talked to my hair stylist who is also natural 



What is your hair care regimen and which products do you use? I wash my hair once a week and get the new growth twisted. 



How has being Natural or Locked empowered you? Very empowered 



Since going natural, how has it inspired your creative being? To be independent and grow 



Do you have a business or hobby that you’d like to share? (i.e. singer, writer,stylist,model, painter) Yes I have starting writing black children’s book. We need your help. We are putting together a Juneteenth program at the Carver library. To pay the artists I am selling my beautiful book. My book is called My book The Little Cornbread Girl, by children’s author Deborah Orr, would go perfect with your site.
My book is only $10.00, it is beautiful. Check it out, this will help us become independent. Also check out what we are doing for Juneteenth its Outreach Productions and Carver library.