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From the Owner of Loc’d & Lovin’ It, Nikita Alcide is sharing her Loc’ing journey with Thekitchensalon family! A resident of the peacefully beautiful St. Lucia, she is sharing knowledge and inspiration in her home town and also with the World Wide Natural Hair Community through the Facebook Network!

Passionate about Healthy Hair, Nikita, provides Loc’d hair services weekdays from 8:00am-4:30pm. She helps each client through the entire loc’ing process from conception to birth to the glory days! Creating unique styles keeps her clients on the front row of Natural Beauty.

Inquiring minds want to know what inspires and empowers her to Rock her Locs! Read her responses below:

How long have you been Natural?

I have been 4yrs natural..August 2011 will be 5yrs

I did absolutely no research what so ever before I decided to loc. A friend of mine was loc’d & hers looked so good that when I was growing out my relaxed hair (I only had for one year) I decided to loc my hair. All I knew was I wanted my hair too look good & smell good too!

What is your hair care regimen and which products do you use?

I wash my hair every 2 weeks..if my hair is not styled I massage my scalp before I go to bed & always tie with a durag.. I also spritz my hair with water on a morning before I head out. Will be surprised how a little bit of water can do for your hair!

At first used the Jamaica Mango & Lime Island oil to twist my hair but now I use all natural coconut oil from the market…I interlock when I feel like..(maybe twice for the year) I use the palm roll method to keep my hair in check!

How has being Natural or Locked empowered you?

Have learned so much in such a little time by clicking on links pertaining to locs. I always want to experiment new styles & tweak styles to suit a particular occasion to the different length of locs. My whole focus..if it can be done with natural loose can be achieved with locs and might even look better on loc’d hair 😉

Since going natural, how has it inspired your creative being?

QUESTION 6 – Always used to give myself simple styles..(flat twist in the front & left the back drop) That was before I was introduced to this whole new world of dread loc styles on youtube…this made me want to experiment on my sister’s hair & on my hair as well. Love to do the pipe cleaners styles..they can be fun & classy at the same time!

Do you have a business or hobby that you’d like to share?

I love to sing Karaoke…and my new hobby (if I can call it that) is to educate those with locs on my island the safe & natural way to take care of their locs. Keep their hair smelling nice & looking good! When I do someone’s hair & they get lot of compliments..this makes me feel great & encourages me to keep doing what I am doing.

What advice and tips do you have for someone who is going natural/ locking?

Patience! Patience! Patience! Stock up on it..& don’t compare your hair to others..concentrate on keeping your hair healthy & nice! When you are focusing on someone else’s hair/ might be the envy of some on you..

What is your staple style and how can it be achieved?

Love love love the basketweave style! Fell in love with it from the get go!.. it can be dressed up (with a clip in the back) or down..with the hair loose at the end! If you know how to criss cross your dreads to form an X pattern-you can do it! 🙂

It is amazing how beautiful the journey is. From the beginning onward, there is so much that inspires us and moves us into a unique creative space. Many thanks to Nikita for sharing her journey and tips with us! Be sure that you all check out Loc’d & Lovin’ it on Facebook and *LIKE* it!

And for everyone who is wondering…

~St. Lucia~