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4+ years


My current loc count: Well I started with with over 400, I’d say I am in the 300 -350 range now…

Pros and Cons:

Pro-I like the smaller locs because they are full and layered.I love the way the curls pile up and give me so much body.

Con-Sometimes I wish I had thicker ones since I occasionally want to see the partings and my scalp for sculptured styles.

Pro-My locs will be 5 years old this year and I can’t wait to see their length at that time


Con-I am so excited about my hair growing but it is already hot-it isn’t heavy though.

Maintenance Routine: once every 6-8 weeks, by latch hook (I’m always leery about over doing it) The locks in the back, I latch and palm roll. That hair is very fine and soft. It grows completely different that the hair in the middle and front.

Cleansing Routine: once a week  for three weeks, one week co-washing. I still use Daily Doctor Leave In Conditioner. I have been using it for almost 13 years now. It works for me!

Shampoo: I haven’t been able to get anymore of the Nubian Heritage I love so much, so I was using Suave. It was “ok” certainly not all natural.  It is inexpensive and readily available at most stores. Somewhere I read about Cantu Shea Butter Shampoo and I bought some, it smells and looks just like Suave, with most of the SAME ingredients. The greatest difference is that even after one week, my hair still smells divine! It is sweet and nutty and that is nice, but it isn’t all natural either. Nonetheless, it cleans my hair and leaves it soft.


What I know for sure: ALL “natural” products aren’t ALL natural. They have to have agents that allow them to keep shelf time as well. But I have learned to keep my hair clean, moisturized and lint free. I have learned to use what I can find that is natural, but I don’t get bent out of shape if I don’t have everything natural in my hair closet. My hair is soft, growing, and strong, it has never been this thick, long or soft in my whole life-so for that I am grateful.

New Stuff: I have been wrapping all my two headed dragons to form a solid locs using human kinky hair. I didn’t want to cut my two headed dragons off, I wanted to twist them together in hopes they would matte together and form solid locs, but that didn’t always happen. Most of them remain twists at the ends of combined locs. All I do is wrap the bulk hair in a thin layer over the twisted ends, and palm roll using Jamaican Mango and Lime Gel to hold it in place and shape it a bit. I am uber excited about the results, and so glad I don’t have to cut anything.

Adventures: I have been itching to dye my hair lately. I want to do so very soon, and I want to try an outrageous color combination-(well, outrageous for me) I have thought about combinations with deep reds and such, but I think i will stay with warmer colors, copper, dark brown, and maybe, just maybe a hint of blonde-though I have spoken against it for myself for years!!! We will see. I have a great colorist on deck, just waiting for the nerve to do this thing!

My bad habit: Not having a camera on me when I go somewhere all dressed up, with makeup and hair done 🙁 I should know by now, but it I switch bags so often and many times I don’t carry a purse anymore (too many vagabonds)

Overall, I am enjoying my journey and I am trying to get used to the rapid growth that takes place in the 4th and 5th years.  I have hand-in-hair syndrome all day long, and I am constantly having my husband measure my hair and put his finger where my hair is on my back, and I deny it EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY TIME! “It just could not be”, I tell myself. LOL

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