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It is Graduation Season! Sundresses, Summer Suits, Flawless Make-Up and Free Flowing hair is what is in store. Thousands will gather all around the Nation to see their Friends and Loved Ones Move Forward in their Professional Lives as they walk across stages to accept Diplomas, Degrees, Doctorates and Various Honors!

With all these celebrations, we need to have a variety of styles to choose from so we can be fresh and fierce every time we step out. From curls to funky and colorful trends to classy updos, the hair often the show piece of the ensemble.

What if you have a weekend full of events? Why not try a base style like

a lovely pipe cleaner set then transform it with the use of bobby pins,

hair pins, and elastic bands for quick and easy updos and mo

hawks…Search “Pipe Cleaner Set” on Thekitchensalon to read about my

experience with the set. (I loved it!)

Bridal Fashion

Wedding Season is gaining momentum and we will be wondering what to wear and what is appropriate for the weather and the venue. Sundresses with strappy sandals are always a great look which can be accentuated with a Spring blazer, Bolero or Shrug. But  Suits and A-Line and  Coat Dresses  still have a place in these modern times.


Queen Latifah in a White Pant Suit

The French Connection

French Twist By Maria Thompson (Twist and Curves Natural Hair Salon)

In the last decade, we have not seen many wearing the Very 1990’s French Roll, but as updos are making a huge comeback, so are the French Rolls. There are simple ones as well as more intricate ones. If you are a guest, a whimsical French Twist with Cascading Curls may be the look for you, but for a Member of the Bridal Party, a more tailored French Roll may be appropriate. And French Rolls work well with a Sundress as well as a Corporate/Business Casual Outfit. Twist and Curves Natural Hair Salon is located in Hartford, Connecticut. 

Fashion Forward Hair Accessories

It seems sometimes that an accessory can either make or break an outfit or look and it very well may be the most important part of a look. Try something new this season. I love to look for Hand Crafted Items for unique pieces. Check out for inspiration and great finds. The Above Design is from BoutiqueDeBandeaux.


Spring is here, make it Haute!!!