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It may already be hot down South, but up North, we are just getting heated up. And what is more tempting than trying something new with our hair this season? Not a THING! The warmest day we had so far was a preview of what is to come. It is Cruise and Festival Season and we want to step out looking our best! Here a re some great styles!



Conya Doss' Full Bloom

There’s nothing like a beautiful head of curls, twisting and twirling about into whimsical patterns, adorned with flowers and barrettes.

Wet sets that include rollers, rods, pipe cleaners, and Bantu knots are what helps create a full head of texture and curls.

Accents always spruce up a style. This Large Wild Orchid nestled within the volume of coils is the perfect accessory to create a fresh look.

Muted tones of Make Up also keep the style fresh and clean and provide an extra glow to her skin.

A pull over tube top and jeans make a basic style pop when simple hoops and a bold necklace are added.




Ciara's Chunky Cornrows

Thick Cornrows, Micro Braids and Box Braids are still the most common  “Go-To” style for the summer months. The low maintenance, style options and durability are what makes Summer Fun, well, fun!. Swimming, working out, BBQ Parties, Family outings, vacations and more are the motivation behind the popular option to both protect the hair and give the hair versatility.

Strapless tops, Halters and Tees are dressed up or dressed down with jeans or leggings, and sweet strappy sandals in flats and heels are what makes a style transition from Daywear to Nightwear.

Bold Eyes, eyelashes and eyeliner blended with nude lips and bronzed cheeks, balance the style weather day or night.

Cornrows can be thick or thin, in designs or straight back. They can be braided into updos and buns and are also a great way to create a second look, once they are unfurled. The braid out look or crinkles and waves is all the rave this season.


Goapele's Teenie Cornrowed Faux Hawk

Wrapped with glittering thread, these cornrows were designed in and upward to gather in the middle. The hair in the middle was then braided and tucked to create the sculptured archs.

Flat Twisted French Roll

Flat twists are similar to cornrows but are smooth in appearance. They too, can be sculpted into an updo or patterned to create a unique look. This can be done on any texture of hair. This classic French Roll is updated with the flat twists.


Bridal Look

Spring and Summer are WEDDING CENTRAL SEASONS. Thousands of Weddings take place Every Weekend from April to September. And we want to look our best each time we go. Some like to dress up according to the style and theme of the wedding, if it is known. And some just love getting glammed up for the big occasions.

From perfect updos to free flowing soft tendrils, finding a style to wear to a Wedding as a guest is just as tedious as the Bride finding a style!

But it can be done. From linen to silk organza to bejeweled gowns-they inspire the entire look of the Bridal Party.

Manicured Coils are placed as a frame to a beautifully soft toned face. Note the rich copper/Mahogany Color. It is natural and doesn’t out do the rest of the look. Simply Gogeous!

Ribbons and Flowers Are Always Lovely

Ribbons aren’t just for little girls anymore. Wrapping a ribbon around finger combed spirals create an Organically Fresh Bridal Look.

Undisturbed curls are gathered up and bound with a satin ribbon and accentuated with a simple daisy.

Strong Lips and Eyes make the look classic while not taking away from the radiant beauty that already exudes the Bride.

This time of year it is important to Hydrate ourselves and our skin. Keep moisturizing Creams and Lotions available and over time, your skin will remain soft, supple and glowing.

Cocoa Butter, Raw Shaea Butter, those are the two essentials to keep all them time. Shea butter heals  bumps from Acne and Eczema. It’s amazing!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Warm Weather, Haute Coiffure! Thank  you to all the new subscribers!