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My daughter’s locks have been through a tumultuous experience, but all in all, we were able to get through it. I had begun taking her locks down, and got through only a few due to time constraints, her schooling and my working…Unfortunately, lice does happen to African Americans and it is not a “dirty” thing. Lice like clean and dry places. I admit that because we have locs, we don’t moisturize as much as we would if our hair was loose, but that has changed now. They are found on other people’s hair, clothing and so on. In her school, which is predominately Caucasian, they have a traditional coat room. There wasn’t a huge outbreak, but nonetheless, she was affected.

HOW we treated it:

  • Drenched the hair in White Vinegar and let it sit for 15 minutes, covered in a plastic bag
  • Rinsed the hair with warm water, vigorously rubbing the hair until the dead lice fell out
  • Used tweezers to pick out any nits we saw
  • poured Olive Oil all over the hair and scalp and covered with a disposable shower cap and let her sleep in it
  • The next day, we used NIX and applied it to the hair, massaged it in the hair and scalp and let it sit for 10 minutes
  • Once the solution set in for 10 minutes, the hair was rinsed out and rubbed vigorously
  • Next, the hair was shampooed with regular shampoo
  • We used tweezers and a magnifying glass to look for additional nits, if any
  • We waited one week and repeated the entire process
  • After a second of going through the same process, and by the way, we found no new nits or lice, I did the vinegar rinse once more.
  • I took some of the locs down in the areas where lice most often affects people, but found nothing in them
  • Olive oil was poured on the hair and soaked in over night once more
  • Finally, the hair was shampooed again and by then a month had passed
  • I have redone the locs that I originally took down
  • Her room was cleaned out completely. We washed ALL of the clothing, vacuumed the carpet, threw away bed linens, wrapped each mattress in vinyl mattress covers, and disinfected the whole room.  We bought new pillows and pillow cases.

Ultimately, she got to keep her locs!!!


This week, we did a 2-fer style, Cornrows and a Braidout! Her hair was freshly shampooed and conditioned.

Cornrows were created as a wet set

Back view of cornrows

After 3 days, the cornrows were unfurled

Side View of the great waves

...and her precious dimples 🙂

Her locs made it to 3 years in March!

It will be time for a re tightening soon. Besides the edges, the locs are in their place as beautiful as ever!