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The last time I shampooed my hair, I also decided to palm roll my locks. After each section was palm rolled, I braided it together and banded it with a fabric hair tie at the end. Once I did that, i thought I would try an updo, since my hair wasn’t dry and I was going to church. I just took the plaits and pulled each one up and pinned it in place. I had no pattern and you can tell that some braids are larger than the others.

Once the braids were secure, I just wore it like that for 2 days and received many compliments at church. The next day for work, I decided to be a little more intentional, so I criss-crossed the front braids to make them look more elegant and I pinned the remaining braids up as well. This look was better than the first, in my opinion.

After a couple more days, I unfurled the braids and added some coconut oil to my scalp and  I had a full bodied, braidout. This was great because the last time I did one was October 2010, and I didn’t let the hair dry long and the waves were gone by the end of the day! So I was indeed pleased with this braidout, and I used little tiny butterfly clips to pull the front from my face.

Next, I pulled the front back and made a small bump, then secured that hair with a decorative clip. And for the third look, I swept the locks to one side, (attempting flat twists also, but my hairline doesn’t help that). I added a large flower which worked nicely against the denim.

Check out the photo journal below for a closer look! PS I love Tribal Sounds 😉