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We have Little Princesses with thick, cloud-like mini-sized ringlets shooting from their scalps. And we have Little Divas with tightly packed, extra coily mounds of hair on their heads. We have Daughters with long, fine hair with wavy edges and Nieces with short, thick hair, in hues of black and shades of brown. We adopt Little Angels with mixed textures of hair; bushy puffs and long, silky tendrils. We are Grandmothers to Little Black Girls with fragile edges and thin hair. We are the Mothers, the Role Models, the Coaches, and Cheerleaders of the Next Generation.

All the textures, colors, and lengths that exist among our baby girls are vast, and each child is unique. Each little one has a certain style and most important a certain image of who they really are when they look in the mirror.  As the Women in their lives we are here to reaffirm just how unique, beautiful and blessed they truly are.

They hear a lot of things from a lot of people in their lives, and as we know, from experience, everyone isn’t always kind to children. No matter what other people’s opinions may be, it is up to us to reassure our children just how wonderful they really are. When you tell a child something over and over, they become whatever it is you speak over them. For example, if you call a child lazy and bad, they will think that of themselves and it has a lasting impression. Just the same, if you tell a child they are pretty and smart, they believe that, and they live as though it is the truth about them. As the Bible states, “Life and Death are in the power of the tongue”. I believe that to be true!

The first step to caring for your child’s hair…AFFIRMATION!

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