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My daughter’s Bradelocz, (Braidlocks, Braid locs) are almost 3 years old and I wanted to do a short photjournal of some of the styles she has worn. She prefers the freedom of having her hair down. She doesn’t wear many updos. She loves the wash and go aspect of her locks and the style they are cut in-the bangs.

We shampoo her hair with Suave Kids Tear Free Wild Watermelon Shampoo. (She is 9 plus my almost 2 year old likes it.) We use Daily Doctor Leave In Conditioner and Coconut Oil for shine. I maintain her locks once every 8 weeks. They have doubled in thickness and about 4 of them have been combined. She hasn’t had issues with lint and she has a lot of shrinkage still. They are long, but stretch a lot still when you pull one lock. She doesn’t mind the curly qs on the ends, it is the texture she has and she knows she is unique.

Enjoy the Slides in her style journal.