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Corinne Bailey Rae is not only a Talented Singer/Songwriter, but she is a Natural Beauty. Hailing from the UK, Ms. Rae has been lighting up hearts since her album debut. She not only exudes a peaceful energy but her beauty radiates from within and is reflected through her voice.

She has a head full of curls and is full of heartfelt experiences she shares with us through music. There are many artists who would love to emulate her sound and many more women who have a hair texture like hers or biracial hair textures that would love to display their curls just as beautiful as Corinne’s.  The task is slightly daunting, but the results are priceless!


To achieve this look you will need:

  • Duckbill Clips
  • Flexi Rods or Perm rods
  • End papers (optional)
  • Styling lotion or mousse
  • blow dryer
  • patience

This style can be done on wet or dry hair. The results on wet hair are most often a tighter curl than on dry hair that has to be moistened. It depends on the look you desire.

Hair is parted down the middle and can also have a second part from ear to ear and is recommended for thicker hair. Those four sections are placed in duckbill clips.  Beginning the style in the back of the head allows the new rows of rods to set up on top of the previous row, creating a layered effect. Starting in the back, a section is released and parted into smaller sections. Loose hair is clipped away while the smaller section is sprayed and ready for the rod. An end paper is placed at the end of the hair to ensure a smooth roll on the rods. Hair is then wound onto the rod in a spiral motion and secured by bending the rod onto itself or clasping the end of the rod.

The smaller the rod, the tighter the curl. The larger the section of hair, the looser the curls will be.


Once the hair is set on the rods, sit under a dryer for an hour to an hour and half on a medium setting.  (You can use high heat-just be mindful of over heating the hair) Other options are to use a hand held dryer and sweep it across the curls to dry them or let the hair air dry.

After the hair is dry, let the curls set for about 5 minutes before removing the rods, then let the curls rest again. Once the hair has been cooled and the curls have rested, you can begin to unfurl them as little or as much as you wish. The result is according to the desired look. Some prefer the definition of the coils as some prefer the loose wind blown look of unfurled curls. The more you finger comb, the greater the volume achieved. This look is great for transitioning to natural hair or giving the hair a rest between relaxers. Check out the videos below. The first shows a simple way to roll the hair and the second is showing results from this beautiful set.

These were just 2 examples of a great roller rod set! Share your experiences with us!