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Within the last 2 years, the  African American Community has become empowered by the election of Biracial President. Finally, we see “someone like us”  as a leader not just to the United States but to the entire World!

It could be that in relation to having a leader with a mixed ethnic background, that he actually stands for the human race, not just one ethnic race. In spite f the recession, many have started their own businesses and likewise many have been on the search to discover their ancestral roots. One of the ways we have come to embrace our heritage is by embracing our natural hair. Of course, we have sons and daughters who wear natural hair, but we had been quick to straighten our little girls hair while allowing our sons to keep their natural textures.

Today, we are opting to accept our little one’s hair the way it is and learn to take care of it in its natural state as well as style it according to the texture. Many mothers complain that “they don’t know what to do” with their child’s hair, and until now, there had not been many resources outside of a hair salon, that could assist frustrated mothers in tackling the tangled tresses of their youth.

Now we can access the World Wide Web on a computer, telephone Playstation or Xbox and search for information and inspiration for natural hair. Although there are many websites and blogs published, each one has its own niche and is equally significant to the Natural Hair Community! would like to introduce Monica Lake, Author?/Creator of HairandHeart, a Blog dedicated to the care, management, and styling of children’s hair. Birthed from the desire to keep her son’s hair instead of cutting it, she endeavors to provide information and networking for like minded parents and guardians who want to learn more and see more regarding the care of boys natural hair in longer lengths.

Monica was so kind to complete an interview with us. Read more about her!

How Long have you been Natural?
Ive been completely natural for 4 months and relaxer free for 16 months.
What steps and research was done before going natural or locking ?
I am the ultimate youtube and blog stalker. I did a lot of research on transitioning as I planned to transition for at least 2 years (which did not happen, I got the itch to chop). I learned about all different types of products and methods of washing/conditioning and styling natural hair.
What is your hair care regime and which products do you use?
My regimen consists of co-washing once (sometimes twice depending on how my hair is feeling) a week and shampooing my hair every 2 weeks. I deep condition once a week and moisturize my hair every couple of days and seal with whatever oil I pull out of my arsenal first. I finger detangle for the most part and every couple of weeks I do a “major detangle” using a wide tooth shower comb and my Denman. I usually do braid outs. Currently I am in mini braids for the next 2 weeks.
How has being Natural or Locked empowered you?
Being natural is an amazing choice, but its a personal choice. I feel like this is how I’m supposed to be, the relaxer wasn’t the real me. You just have to know how to properly take care of your hair. Luckily there is an abundance of resources out there to help guide your way.
Since going natural, how has it inspired your creative being?
I’ve always been a creative person. Since going natural Ive had a little extra time to focus on other things, like my blog instead of shelling out money and time in a salon for a touch up.
Do you have a business or hobby that you’d like to share? (i.e. singer, writer,stylist,model, painter)
I have a blog devoted to natural haired kids.
What advice and tips do you have for someone who is going natural/ locking?
The best advice I can give is don’t be discouraged. With proper care, your hair will flourish and it will be divine!
What is your staple style and how can it be achieved?
My staple style is a braid out. I usually do them on damp hair. I use a moisturizer, seal with an oil and do 10 – 12 braids using a butter or pudding (something with hold to aid in definition. In the morning I unbraid, fluff and go.


Thank you Monica for sharing your passion with all of us. We look forward to seeing more from HairandHeart in the very near future. If you or someone you know would be interested in contributing to HairandHeart, please contact Monica here for more information.

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