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Within the last decade, More Black Women have been Going Natural than before.  Many have given up the “creamy crack” and have grown out their relaxers to embrace their natural tresses. Joining thousands worldwide, going natural has been surging and is being acknowledged publicly with wonder and amazement! We are beginning to be able to go places, the mall, the supermarket, and see women of color, with their OWN hair! It’s locked, it’s in a cute fro, there are short cropped do’s and there are full heads of kinky, coily ringlets cascading from brown faces! It is as if we are walking into a new culture, although it has always been our culture. It’s just as normal now to see Natural Hair as it was in the previous years, to see un-be-weaveable draping over shoulders and dangling to the small of one’s back.

Tyra Banks/ Naomi Campbell

In the 90s, women were wearing all kinds of braided extensions in loud colors, and BIG hair weaves that stretched “down-to-there”. If you weren’t wearing a long, sleek pony tail or even longer ropes of box braids, you weren’t in the trend, you were definitely an outsider.

Today, beauty is less and less defined by bone straight, waist length weaves and caked on make up; and has evolved into bouncy, lively coils and cropped Afros and nude skin. Years of wear and tear on the hair and scalp of women have been caused by the excessive wearing of weaves, wigs, hair color and other types of extensions. We are seeing an increase of Women of Color being represented on runways and in magazines with Natural Hair or Textured Hair Weaves.

So… now that women are going natural, that is great news but another plight vexes us! We took the plunge, we are relieved, so now what? WHAT DO WE DO WITH ALL THAT HAIR, ALL THAT TEXTURE, ALL THOSE CURLS?

Wearing braids, all we did was put a scarf on and maybe spray some braid spray on the scalp and go; with weaves, all we did was wrap it up, then brush it down and go; now, with natural hair, we have to wash, detangle, moisturize, and style. It isn’t as easy as 1-2-3, we cannot just wash and go, so… What happens when the curls are defined when it is wet, then puffs up like a sponge when it dries? And WHY oh WHY is it long when it is wet and during the detangling process, then SHRINKS up when it dries? We spend a great deal of time wearing weaves, wigs and extensions, to go natural, only to resort to weaves, wigs and extensions when we don’t know what to DO with our natural tresses.