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Some call it a Trend, some call it a Transformation. Whatever the reason, Going Natural has been an event on the rise among the African American Community in the United States and Abroad. In times where more information is being made available, and salons are offering chemical free services more readily, the transition from Relaxed to Natural Hair is an empowering journey in which many Women are embarking upon. The liberation women are feeling about their natural tresses:

Going out in the rain with no umbrella

Working Out



And the SURPRISE of  style versatility

Although there are many salons surfacing that service only chemical free hair, the number is still small and scarce. There are still several cities and communities that have no neighborhood salon, let alone, a natural hair care salon.

In Chicago, one salon decided to celebrate “Happy Nappy Hair Day”.  Nappy, a term that was used negatively for so long is now a celebratory term that makes women smile instead of cringe. Being Nappy now is empowering and honorable and many are taking the plunge into Nappturality.

Take a look at the beautiful video from Fox News Chicago!