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For the lovely ladies who have natural hair but are tired of braiding it and twisting it, Natural Southern Belle  Leila Myles, has mastered weaving alternatives for that purpose. I know that when I was a loose natural and I wore some type of extensions, it was NEVER straight because I didn’t want the kinks of my natural hair to fight with the straight  hair, so I always wore curly hair, micro braids with wavy hair or tree kinky twists. Yes, even the micros weren’t straight!

I went Natural when I lived  in New Orleans. Many factors played a part, but for the humidity and the often high temperatures,  the relaxer and I  never got along. I was just getting into braids but I had never worn any sewn in or glue in weaves. Once I learned how to do different types of braids, and some wet sets, I was good to go. I never toyed around with weaves once I learned to braid.

Most of us learn by trial and error and each year, someone is creating or improving a product that will assist the naturals in achieving maximum styling options. Ms. Myles’ knowledge and experience has allowed her the opportunities to teach seminars and style celebrities as well.

Owner of Lovely Hair Studio and Farouk Chi Educator, Ms. Myles is providing clients with a wide variety of styling options for their hair. Being Natural herself, gives her hands on experience in dealing with natural textures, as opposed to hair care specialists who just “do” hair. She offers a wide range of services from using the Farouk system to style, straighten, and color hair to offering the best in human hair weaving products through Dolce Jolie. Because of the innovation in hair weaving, they [weaves] can now be worn up to 3 months, with some scheduled maintenance-so it is about the same time that we can wear braids and kinky twists, but with the freedom of straight texture without the sacrifice of our natural hair texture.

Below is a video tutorial where Leila demonstrates how she does The Dominican Blowout complete with details and product information. A note about The Dominican Blowout, generally, persons from Dominica may often have combination hair, straight and wavy to curly. The hair is also dense and long. The model in this video has relaxed hair, however, the same method can be achieved on natural tresses.  For the written details, please visit this link. Also, visit the links within the post to learn more about Leila Myles and Lovely Hair Studio. She is located in the Houston area and her contact information is available through her website. You can subscribe to her Youtube channel for a chance to win FREE Dolce Jolie Remy or Virgin hair! Thank you Leila for sharing your video with TKS!